Want to live a sexually empowered, turned on life?

Sex and intimacy coaching is the answer. 


There are many reasons it can be hard to create an empowered and heartfelt sex life.

We all receive messages about who we are supposed to be, how we ought to feel, and how we should express ourselves - often enforced through shame, silence, and disconnection. Plus, inadequate sex education means we are deprived of essential relationship skills, often causing hesitation and guesswork. It’s no wonder we end up in unsatisfying, depleting, and disempowering experiences.

How do you break out of the cycle and create the nourishing relationships and passionate sex you deeply desire?

I work with individuals, couples, triads, and more in-person and virtually. Together, we will unpack these messages so you can radically explore and courageously express yourself. I will help you get more of what you want and need.   


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Topics I explore with my coaching clients:


Sexuality as a vehicle for self-growth

  • Develop keen self-awareness and own your truth
  • Avoid comparison traps and practice self-love and acceptance
  • Deal with rejection, learn from mistakes, and let go of regrets
  • Overcome insecurities and shame 
  • Explore how sexual pleasure can support your spirituality



Tools for clear communication

  • Understand embodied consent and feel confident saying “no”
  • Navigate and express feelings in ways that creates connection
  • Practice asking your lovers(s) for what you want and need
  • Learn how to talk about STIs and safer sex practices
  • Negotiate consensual non-monogamy/polyamory dynamics

Dating with confidence

  • Overcome dating anxiety and discover how fun dating can be
  • Get tips for creating successful profiles for dating sites and apps
  • Develop your natural flirting style
  • Determine if someone is a good fit for you 
  • Explore how to move from dating to a fulfilling relationship

Deepening intimacy in your relationships

  • Express yourself with courageous vulnerability
  • Learn how to hold space for your partner(s) 
  • See how your emotional patterns shape your ability to connect
  • Explore your relationship with trust and boundaries
  • Turn relationship challenges into opportunities to deepen intimacy
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Skills for maximizing pleasure

  • Reignite your turn on and say goodbye to boring sex
  • Learn new ways to give and receive pleasure 
  • Explore your wants and needs, and how to tell the difference
  • Discover your desires and fantasies, and how to talk about them
  • Develop creative solutions for bridging differences in desire

It requires an extraordinary amount of courage to venture into the journey of self-discovery and sexual exploration, but you don’t have to do it alone. Wherever you are on your path towards sexual empowerment, I’m here to illuminate the way. 

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