Feel Your Way to Yes


One of the best ways to have great sex and fulfilling relationships is to be able to tune into the wisdom of your own body. When you know how to listen to your own felt sense of your yes, your no, and when it changes, you will be better able to share your experience with lovers and partners and ask for what you really want.  Through a series of somatic exercises, discover how empowering it can be to be in integrity with your truest desires.

Feel Your Way to Yes 1.png

In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover the relationship between embodiment, touch, and consent

  • Explore how your body feels when you offer or receive a request 

  • Learn what yes and no feel like in your body, and what to do when your yes becomes a no

  • Examine ways to manage shame and shame-overs

  • Leave with numerous practices to help you ground and reconnect with your body


By the end of the workshop, you’ll have plenty of new tools that you can use right away to make your sex life and relationships more nourishing.


Please view upcoming workshops for tickets.  If I'm not currently offering this workshop, you can contact me to schedule a private workshop for you and your friends.