How to Eat Pussy like a Champ



Full and vulnerable disclosure: I had my FIRST MULTIPLE ORGASMS ever, immediately following the workshop!

My partner loves eating pussy and was already very accomplished in the pursuit of truly great pussy eating prior to taking this workshop. I love having my pussy eaten, yet, somehow I did not know how to distinguish between the techniques and approaches that really turned me on versus the things that were just okay. I learned about the amazing breadth of options out there for eating pussy and that eating pussy like a champ is way more about intimacy and communication and connection than anything else.

My partner and I got way more creative and communicative about everything. I trust him with my pussy on a new level. My confidence grew. I knew more about what turns me on and when, and how to communicate this effectively and sexily.
I’ve enjoyed eating at least my fair share of pussy over the years, and I’ll admit I didn’t expect to get much out of this session other than a few enjoyable hours discussing some of my favorite activities. But I was blown away. Not only were they funny, clear, and relatable, they also came up with great names for certain techniques that make it easier to talk about them. My communication with my primary partner got instantly smoother and our sexual connection improved as a result. Moreover, the exercises they suggested gave me shortcuts for how to learn about new partners’ preferences in a hot way. Thank you all for the wisdom!
I’ve just always been so nervous about having someone between my legs. Just hearing the word pussy over and over with so much love and affection helped changed my thoughts. The ‘tour of my pussy’ and acknowledging that every pussy is different and some pussies like different things at different times, it sounds so simple but the reality is that NO ONE TALKS LIKE THIS. Just hearing it gave me a deeper sense of calm.

Modeling and showing for us, WOW, that was powerful! Having two different women be so comfortable and willing to do that in a way that embodied complete sexual agency by telling and showing what they wanted — it was just amazing. Being able to share that, in context with everything else discussed, really helped remove any of the shame associated with opening my legs. Like — just enjoy it! This is fun!!

And the outcome?! The pressure of time or that he wasn’t liking it or that he didn’t want to do it or the ‘how do I smell’ and ‘what do I taste like’ was replaced by this ‘let’s try this’ and ‘how does that feel’ and we just played around for hours. It was a champ pussy eating session and it was FANTASTIC. And eventually — not really worrying about it and not really caring — led to — WAIT for it — the FIRST orgasm from oral that I have had in TEN YEARS!!

Thank you for doing an incredible job of removing shame, providing agency and owning your sexuality.
You struck an impressive balance of informative and explicit without making it lewd or uncomfortable in the slightest. I went in thinking my technique was already pretty good, but I still learned a few more good tips and tricks. I especially enjoyed hearing the names of the various techniques — “The Clock”, “The Ruler”, “The Peek-a-Boo”, “The Come-Hither” — they’re definitely going to stick with me now!
I enjoyed the positive energy and really just the fact that this was being talked about. I wish someone had taught me this stuff back when I was a teenager. I learned about how to communicate in way that was open and nonjudgemental.
The ‘How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ’ workshop opened my eyes to new realms of possibility within the pleasure department. I was hugely impressed with the delivery of the workshop and consider this a must to anyone wanting to get near a pussy and hear it purr with pleasure. These ladies take pussy pleasure very seriously and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. You will gain decades worth of research and experience in just minutes and you are guaranteed to leave knowing How to Eat Pussy like a Champ!