How to Be an Intuitive Lover


There is no manual for navigating intimate experiences and too often doubt and confusion limit our capacity to feel pleasure. Do you ever wish you could deepen your intuition when it comes to knowing how to please your lover(s)? Learn how to access your intuition so you can be a more attuned and skilled lover while increasing your own capacity for pleasure! 

How to Be an Intuitive Lover.png

In this workshop, you will:

  • Establish trust through communication and transparency

  • Heighten your own sense of embodiment so you can draw on your body as a resource  

  • Enhance kinesthetic awareness by exploring body language and non-verbal cues

  • Learn how to create a feedback loop and attune with your lover

  • Discover how to feel pleasure from your lover's pleasure, and have that guide the experience


Learning how to be an intuitive lover will not only make your sexual experiences more pleasurable, it allows your lover(s) to feel safe and connected - a recipe for deeper intimacy and exploration.


Please view upcoming workshops for tickets.  If I'm not currently offering this workshop, you can contact me to schedule a private workshop for you and your friends.