How to Pick Your Person (s)

How do you know if you this person is a good fit for you? Are you afraid you’re settling? Or perhaps you’re worried you’re being too picky? I will help you discover your non-negotiables, making it easier for you to own your wants and needs so so you can courageously invite deeper intimacy with the right person(s) for you! 

You will:

  • Identify your needs and learn how to honor them as your non-negotiables

  • Explore your wants and learn to be more flexible, recognizing them as negotiable

  • Create a mantra that describes what you need in a lover/partner in a way that feels clear, authentic, and empowering

  • Develop a filter so you can feel confident about your choices, allowing yourself to feel an enthusiastic YES

  • Learn how to gently and compassionately end connections that aren’t nourishing for you


By confidently owning your wants and needs, you’ll know which relationships will be nourishing for you and worthy of your investment. 


Please view upcoming workshops for tickets.  If I'm not currently offering this workshop, you can contact me to schedule a private workshop for you and your friends.