Pleasure & Intimacy

Reignite your turn on and say goodbye to boring sex! Discover how to get our of your head and into your body so you can expand your capacity for pleasure. Learn how to create intimacy, feed your fantasies, share your desires, and take charge of your erotic energy. Feel sexy and confident in your ability to give and receive pleasure!

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The Secrets of Passion, Romance, and Dominance

We're rarely if ever taught essential sexual skills for creating and maintaining erotic energy in our relationships. Want to learn how to seduce your lover and make their fantasies come true?  Want to create more variety in your sex life? Passion, romance, and dominance are at the foundation of sustained sexual satisfaction! 

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How to Be an Intuitive Lover

There is no manual for navigating intimate experiences and too often doubt and confusion limit our capacity to feel pleasure. Do you ever wish you could you could deepen your intuition when it comes to knowing how to please your lover(s)? Learn how to cultivate your innate intuition and discover how this confidence enables you to feel pleasure while giving pleasure! 

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How to Eat Pussy like a Champ

Explore champ-quality pussy eating through an in-depth panel, “PG-13” rated exercises, and video-projected live pussy eating demos. Learn how to get out of your head and fully into your body, tease in a titillating manner, and the many techniques for maximizing pleasure. Valuable for both givers and receivers, check out the rave reviews.  

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How to Rock a Play Party

Curious about your first play party? Have you been but felt unsure how to connect? Want to feel prepared to go with a partner? Play parties are a provocative way to explore your sexuality and relationships while connecting with others who also question the status quo. They can feel intimidating, but with these helpful suggestions you'll be sure to rock it!

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The Tantric Path to Intimacy

Tantra offers a wide range of powerful, experiential tools that are remarkably effective in showing you how to build a strong foundation and reach new heights of passion. Discover how these profound ideas and potent skills can help you create more presence, sustain sweet connection, and continually deepen intimacy in your relationships.


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All my workshops are fully inclusive. I welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship structures, ages, body types, abilities, races and ethnicities. Feel free to come alone or bring a friend, date, lover, or partner!