Sexual Empowerment

We are sexually empowered when we are able to engage in radical self-exploration and courageous self-expression, which requires key skills we are rarely ever taught - until now. Discover how to navigate and express your feelings in ways that deepen connection. Gain you the confidence to pursue your deepest desires! 

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How to Be a Feminist in the Bedroom

Feminist sexuality creates more intimate and pleasurable experiences for folks of all genders. Learn to feel comfortable and empowered saying no, explore how to find your true yes, practice asking for what you want, and discover the ways in which you can take pleasure into your own hands. Explore how to create empowering experiences for your lovers and partners.


The Power of Play

Have you ever wished you could navigate challenging situations with ease and levity? Looking for refreshing ways to explore yourself and deepen your relationships? Want to play your way through life? Playfulness is at the root of creativity, allows us to transform challenging situations, and paves the way to intimate connection.

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Feel Your Way to Yes

Being able to tune into the wisdom of your own body is essential for hot sex and nourishing relationships. When you know how to listen to your felt sense of your yes, your no, and when it changes, you will be better able to share your experience with lovers and partners and ask for what you really want. Discover how empowering it can be to be in integrity with your truest desires.

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The Radical Potential of NO

Our society tends to value YESes over NOs, but I'm here to celebrate the radical potential of NO! Expand your capacity to hear NO by learning how to stay in connection in the face of disappointment. When you can truly welcome NOs, you allow for the space to creatively explore your shared YESes - ultimately creating more yumminess in your life! 


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All my workshops are fully inclusive. I welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship structures, ages, body types, abilities, races and ethnicities. Feel free to come alone or bring a friend, date, lover, or partner!