The Power of Play


Have you ever wished you could navigate challenging situations with ease and levity? Looking for refreshing ways to explore yourself and deepen your relationships? Want to play your way through life? Playfulness is at the root of creativity, allows us to transform challenging situations, and paves the way to intimate connection.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore the many types of (non-sexual) play and which feel nourishing to you

  • Transform awkward energy into playful connection

  • Learn to share your boundaries using play

  • Practice expressing your wants and needs in a way that makes checking in fun

  • Discover play as a powerful way to explore and express yourself


It is through playfulness that you can reset your nervous system, reach flow states, and create and sustain intimacy in your relationships.


Please view upcoming workshops for tickets.  If I'm not currently offering this workshop, you can contact me to schedule a private workshop for you and your friends.