The Road to Reconnection


Miscommunications are common, boundaries get crossed, and hurt feelings happen - but they don’t have to end in disconnection. Reacting defensively, blaming others, offering empty apologies, or going into fix-it mode are ineffective ways of coming back into connection. Instead, successful repair conversations allow for you to feel closer than ever before as you build trust and gain confidence in your ability to withstand inevitable relational challenges.

The Road to Reconnection.png

In this workshop, you will:

  • Receive a clear formula for repair conversations that will teach you when and how to do it effectively.

  • Practice courageous vulnerability and heartfelt empathy - necessary ingredients for connection. 

  • Expand your capacity to be with challenging feelings and learn how to express them in a way that creates closeness.

  • Discover how sharing disappointment can strengthen your bond.

  • Learn how to effectively hold space for others emotions, take responsibility when appropriate, and offer genuine reassurances.


All relationships have their challenges, and repair work is essential for building trust, deepening intimacy, and maintaining healthy connections.


Please view upcoming workshops for tickets.  If I'm not currently offering this workshop, you can contact me to schedule a private workshop for you and your friends.