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Tantric Spiritual Sexuality

Tantric spirituality is a profound experimental and holistic practice that reaches all the levels of our being. Understanding life, love, and sexuality from a Tantric mentality can transform our all our relationships, intimate and otherwise, to ourselves and others. In this playful and inspiring day-long experiential workshop, we give you an introduction to Tantric technology for totally re-imagining how we relate to our body, mind and sexuality. 

  • Understand the Tantric mentality and how to work with energy through yoga, meditation and sexuality as part of spiritual practice
  • Explore the concept of polarity of energy in the form of the divine masculine (Shiva) and divine feminine (Shakti), and apply it in the practice of transfiguration
  • Discover how the chakra system relates to types of sexuality and levels of consciousness
  • Learn how to cultivate and sublimate energy
  • Remove shame from your desire and learn to love yourself as a sexual being
  • Discuss the concept of brahmacharya, the practice of sexual continence for men and women
  • Discover the deeper types of female orgasms as well as male full-body orgasms
  • Understand how to have a spiritual relationship and how to build and maintain sexual attraction
  • Explore rituals for creating sacred sexual interactions
  • Gain resources to learn more. 

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Later Event: March 9
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