Workshop Descriptions

I offer a wide range of experiential workshops to give you access to the information and skills you need to have the kinds of sexual interactions and romantic relationships you desire. I welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship structures, ages, body types, abilities, races and ethnicities. Feel free to come alone or bring a friend, date, lover, or partner.

Check out my upcoming workshops for dates and tickets. You may also contact me to schedule a private workshop, ideal for co-ops and community houses, women's and men's groups, book clubs, alternative bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, campouts and festivals, burning man camp events, play parties, and more!


Cultivating Your Pleasure: Level 1

Most of us are not taught how to connect with our own bodies and discover our capacity for pleasure, which is essential for having nourishing sexual experiences with ourselves and with others. But you don’t have to struggle alone. Join me and Euphemia Russell as we discover how to cultivate your pleasure. Discover how empowering it can be to understand your body and cultivate your desire and pleasure on your own! A suggested but not required prerequisite to Maximizing Pleasure Together: Level 2.


How to Be a Feminist in the Bedroom 

Want to learn to feel confident saying no and explore how to find your yes? Practice asking for what you want and discover how to take pleasure into your own hands. Learn how to help create empowering experiences for your lovers.


How to Be an Intuitive Lover

Too often we get stuck in our heads and doubt and fear limit our capacity to feel pleasure. Learn how to cultivate embodiment and your intuition, which enable you to feel pleasure from giving pleasure and makes you a better lover.  


How to Eat Pussy like a Champ

Explore the 5 central tenants of champ-quality pussy eating, supported with scientific info and live demos. Valuable for receivers who want to discover the many kinds of orgasms their pussies can have and co-create their own pleasure. Check out the rave reviews.  


How to Feel Your Way to Yes

When you know how to listen to your felt sense of your yes, your no, and when it changes, you’ll be able to better understand your wants, needs and boundaries. Discover how empowering it is to be in integrity with your truest desires. 


How to Pick Your Person(s) 

Whether you’re looking for a hot date, a new lover, or a committed partner, how do you know if someone’s a good fit? Discover your non-negotiables, learn to own your needs, and create a filter so you can find the right person(s) for you. 


How to Rock a Play Party

Play parties can be intimidating, but they can also be a rich opportunities to explore yourself and your relationship(s) while fostering valuable community. Learn how to navigate play party culture with these tips, anecdotes, and exercises. 


Mastering Non-Monogamy: Level 2

Discover tools for managing jealousy. Explore techniques for discussing fears and needs and negotiating agreements Receive tips for connecting with metamours (your partners’ partners). A follow up to Navigating Non-Monogamy.


Maximizing Pleasure Together: Level 2

We all want to feel like competent lovers but learning how to pleasure others isn’t obvious and the experience is often filled with doubt, shame, and disconnection instead. Learning how to create a same team approach in the bedroom will lead to not only more pleasure but also greater intimacy and trust. Join me and Euphemia Russell as we discover how to Maximize Pleasure Together! A follow up to Cultivating Your Pleasure: Level 1.


Navigating Non-Monogamy: Level 1

Explore the different types of consensual non-monogamy and identify which will work for you. Discover common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and leave with concrete suggestions that will help you survive any poly exploration. A suggested but not required prerequisite to Mastering Non-Monogamy: Level 2.


Pump Up Your Profile

For all the benefits of connection it creates, online dating can also be stressful and frustrating. Unsure of what to say, or which photos to include? Feel stuck when trying to send that first message? I have the data, suggestions, and tools to help you shine online! 


Sleaze-Free Seduction Skills

Tired of letting opportunities pass by because you’re afraid to make a move in the #metoo era? Unsure how to get freaky without being creepy? Learn to nonverbally and verbally flirt in authentic, accessible, and appropriate ways.


The Joy of Sex Toys

Are you curious about sex toys but feeling overwhelmed by the massive assortment available and unsure where to start? Do you like sex toys and want to be able to incorporate them in your sex life with your lover(s)? Whether solo or with a lover, sex toys are a great way to spice things up and increase your capacity for pleasure.


The Power of Play  

Playfulness is not only the root of creativity, it also paves the way to intimate connection. Learn how to make difficult conversations fun, transform awkwardness into connection, and navigate challenges with ease and levity.


The Road to Reconnection

Miscommunications are common, boundaries get crossed, and hurt feelings happen - but they don’t have to end in disconnection. Repair work is essential for building trust, deepening intimacy, and maintaining healthy relationships.


The Secrets of Passion, Romance, and Dominance

Expand your sexual repertoire by learning how to use words and touch to create the vital erotic energies at the core of our desires and fantasies. Learn how to seduce new lovers and create more variety to spice up existing relationships.


The Tantric Path to Intimacy

Tantra offers powerful, experiential tools for reaching new depths of intimacy. Discover how these profound ideas and potent skills will help you be more present, sustain sweet connection, and reach new heights of passion.