May 21, 2019

How to Eat Pussy Like A Champ

Join me and Shameless Sex hosts Amy Baldwin and April Lampert as we discuss How to Eat Pussy like a Champ! In addition to hearing us share some our juicy experiences, we also discuss what doesn't work for us and how we've learn to advocate for what we want and surrender into receiving. You'll learn about my 5 central tenants to champ-quality pussy eating, and how receivers can experience new kinds of orgasms and increase your capacity for pleasure. Plus, you'll get some tips on options for safer oral sex practices. 

by Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, Shameless Sex


April 30, 2019

Jealously, Love, and Relationships

Have you ever experienced jealousy in love and relationships? What do you do with jealousy when it comes up? Join me and Sex, Love, and SuperPowers host Tatiana Berindei to learn more about the many facets of jealousy and how to approach it in a loving and healthy way. Whether you are single, in a non-monogamous or in a monogamous partnership, the info shared in this episode can benefit anyone on the path of personal and relational growth. Be sure to tune in as we unravel the topic of jealousy and get loads of helpful tools that will help you navigate your own jealousy with greater ease, and help you support your partner when they're experiencing jealousy. 

by Tatiana Berindei, Sex, Love, and SuperPowers


April 16, 2019

Authentic Seduction Skills with Dr. Alison Ash

Listen in to this new episode of The Love Drive, where host Shaun Galanos and I discuss what it means to seduce without being sleazy. In this episode, we talk about the strategy of naming the elephant in the room, the perfect pick up line (it’s not what you think), The Almost Kiss, the meta consent conversation, and more. You will get real-life examples and plenty of juicy demos! Learn how to navigate romance in the #metoo era and discover ways to flirt that are both authentic and effective! 

by Shaun Galanos, The Love Drive


February 21, 2019

Successful Open Relationships & Polyamory Summit

I was delighted to be featured in the Successful Open Relationships & Polyamory Summit: Experts Reveal How To Add More Love, Passion & Joy To Your Life! with Sumati Sparks. Join in to hear us talking about how negotiate with partners and gain profound insights and usable skills on how to make your non-monogamous relationships happier, more passionate, and more loving. Exploring non-monogamy can be challenging in a world that defaults to monogamy, and this kind of education and community can be an essential source of support!

by Sumati Sparks


February 13, 2019

Overcome Shame and Turn On Pleasure

I recently joined Nik Wood on the Life Athletics podcast where we explored ways to deepen intimacy and pleasure in your relationships, and the many obstacles that can get in the way! We discussed how patriarchy leads to disempowering experiences for folks of all genders when it comes to sex and intimacy, creating a culture that values performance over pleasure and connection. Listen for tips on creating intimacy, overcoming shame, changing the way you relate to noes, and navigating sex in the #metoo era.

by Nik Wood, Life Athletics


February 13, 2019

Navigating the World of Polyamorous Dating

Join me and Sex, Love, and Super Powers host Tatiana Berindei in this exciting conversation about non-monogamous dating! Tune in to learn more about different types of relationship structures and how to avoid common pitfalls folks face when starting their explorations. Hear about my personal experiences with solo-poly relationships, unicorns, and establishing healthy agreements with partners. If you are curious about non-monogamy, you definitely want to listen to this one!

by Tatiana Berindei, Sex, Love, and Super Powers


December 4, 2018

How To Be An Intuitive Lover With Dr. Alison Ash

There is no manual for navigating intimate experiences and too often doubt and confusion limit our capacity to feel pleasure. Do you ever wish you could deepen your intuition when it comes to knowing how to please your lover(s)? Learn how to access your intuition so you can be a more attuned and skilled lover while increasing your own capacity for pleasure! 

Sex educators Amy Baldwin and April Lampert have created the Shameless Sex podcast to inspire radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy. They recently interviewed me about my tips for how to become an intuitive lover. We discussed how to get out of your head and into your body when you're giving pleasure, allowing you to both become more attuned AND experience pleasure from the act of giving. 

by Shameless Sex


October 31, 2018

Fights Clean Sex Dirty TV featuring Dr. Alison Ash on the Ins & Outs of Quality Cunnilingus

Hear my tips for champ-quality pussy eating and receiving in an upcoming episode of Fights Clean, Sex Dirty. In this TV series, experts share their tips, tools, and techniques for having fewer fights and better sex.  

Pleasuring the pussy can be elusive. All pussies are different (and a pussy might like different things at different times too!). Despite this humbling hurdle, Champ-Quality Pussy Eating is possible through the pleasure loop of clear communication and connected collaboration.

Got a treat from the archives for you. I joined Gaby and Raj on their awesome show How to Keep the Sex Dirty on Fights Clean, Sex Dirty TV to talk about the “The Ins and Outs of Quality Cunnilingus”. Come find out about the 4 nerve pathways to orgasm and how to stimulate the internal clitorous. Learn when to slow it down, when to ramp it up and how to mix it up masterfully. Discover how to be a champ quality giver AND receiver!



October 17, 2018

The Life Changing Power of Sexual Healing - Anahita Joon featuring Dr. Alison Ash

Watch me vulnerably share my sexual empowerment journey through this video speaker series by intimacy coach Anahita Joon! She interviewed over twenty experts in the field to help you move beyond intimacy issues and create love in your relationships. In my episode, we explore my path to becoming sexually empowered, including details about my experience with sexual assault, discovering what my body and my heart desires, and exploring non-monogamy and kink.  

by Anahita Joon, Free Wisdom Series


November 15, 2017

Leading Edge Love - With Alison Ash, PhD, founder of TurnON.Love

This week on "Leading Edge Love", Sumati Sparks' guest is Alison  Ash, PhD, relationship coach, speaker & founder of TurnOn.Love.  Alison shares about her personal journey in exploring consensual non-monogamy and offers some crucial insights for creating and sustaining healthy non-monogamous relationships. 

by Sumati Sparks, Leading Edge Love Radio


May 15, 2017

How to Be a Feminist in the Bedroom

When it comes to feminism, many of us consider inequalities in society and the workplace. We want equal rights to vote, make reasonable salaries, make decisions about our health and bodies, and be respected as human beings no matter what our gender, ethnicity, age or abilities. As you’ll learn from Girl Boner® Radio guest, Dr. Alison Ash, cultivating such equality and respect in the bedroom can be just as important.

by August McLaughlin, Girl Boner®