Testimonials from Coaching Clients and Workshop Participants

I’ve worked with a number of therapists, psychiatrists, and coaches over the years. Dr. Aly Ash blows them all out of the water, even the most extraordinary. From our first session, both my husband and I felt incredibly heard, seen, understood, and comfortable expressing some of our deepest insecurities and most secret desires. She gives simple, constructive coaching, and enjoyable homework that perfectly targets whatever our most pressing issues or concerns might be. Not only that, she normalizes so much that is unnecessarily shameful in our culture. Aly has brought my husband and I even closer together, both in communication and in the bedroom. She’s given us new tools to use, and is so clearly passionate about her practice, we don’t feel awkward making fools of ourselves right in front of her. She is so talented, and has done so much study and research, she has yet to not have the perfect answer to any of our questions. She helps translate what we’re saying and thinking into simple, loving communication that helps us love and make love like champs. I wish everybody could spend time with Aly one on one and at her workshops.
— Rebecca, coaching client and workshop participant
Dr. Ash embodies the dream of 21st Century sexuality: non-judgmental and radically optimistic about the power of sex to transform us in brilliant, healthy, and exciting ways. A born educator and brilliant communicator, Dr. Ash lifts the veil, diving deeply into power and desire while demystifying the etiquette and culture surrounding polyamory, sex parties, and kink. She effortlessly incorporates touch, validation, humor, and introspection, as well as dozens of concrete facts, tips and techniques. The result is a refreshing breath of insight and frankness in an arena traditionally governed by innuendo, normativity, and new-agey hocus pocus. To learn from her is to experience again and again the kind of “a-ha” moments that make you realize that you’re not alone in your doubts and insecurities. I leave feeling informed, empowered, and excited to explore further. Now, when friends in the Bay Area ask me how to get into polyamory, explore play parties, spice up their marriages, or simply rediscover the transcendent joys of sexuality, I immediately and confidently recommend Dr. Ash.
— Mischa, workshop participant
Alison’s class gave me superb options for interacting healthfully with lovers and with people in general. She gave me great tools that I have been using since that have really helped me to be honest about my feelings and desires with myself and with my partner. Practicing her exercises helped me to be brave enough to ask for what I really want, and to say no graciously and lovingly to things I do not want. I highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking fearless intimacy and sexy self-assurance in the bedroom.
— Tessa, workshop participant
The question of how to hold my sexual desire in a way that is sexy but avoids creeping women out or making them uncomfortable is literally something I have grappled with for the 15 years I’ve dating, and even though I’d gotten to a place where I had a fair amount of success escalating with women in a way that leaves them feeling respected and connected, it was still something that caused me anxiety. After Aly’s workshop, I now feel so much freer to have my desires, more confident that I can bring those desires without making women feel uncomfortable, and even excited that seduction can be a fun and connected dance! The workshop offered clear guiding principles as well as a toolbox of specific tactics (illustrated with specific examples, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises) that I can apply immediately in my dating life, all presented in a way that was both empathetic and practical. If any of this resonates with you, attend the workshop - it’s definitely worth it!
— Sam, workshop participant
I was referred to Dr. Alison Ash several months ago when my difficulties managing the emotional challenges of polyamory had reached the point where all my relationships were rapidly falling apart. In my first session, she immediately noted patterns that eluded me in how I relate. Now after several months of coaching, I’ve made faster progress than I have have the last 20 years of conventional therapy. Her coaching has changed my life. Aly combines a passion for learning ever more about relationships and intimacy with a keen insight into how each person can be individually mentored to achieve deeper, and more satisfying intimacy - and for the first time in my life I have a hope for my future instead of fear. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Ken, coaching client and workshop participant
Dr. Alison Ash led a workshop on Feminism in the Bedroom for our team of sexual health innovators from around the country. Although they were experienced providers of sexual health services — leading programs from the Navajo nation to rural Mississippi to San Francisco — they learned so much during the workshop. We walked away with more wisdom about our own sexual health, the real skills that enable communication about consent, and the ways in which we all (not just teenagers) have a lot to learn about safe and good sex. We hope to put this skill and knowledge to work in our design of sexual health innovations with IDEO.
— Caricia, workshop participant
Aly is unmatched in the enthusiasm, passion, and thoughtfulness she brings to the creation of workshop content. She creates and maintains a safe space for playful exploration and clear boundaries, reinforced through discussion and exercises that empower individuals to discover their authentic ‘FUCK YES!’ Aly rejoices in the sexual wins and breakthroughs of her clients. I have witnessed her work be especially powerful and transformative for survivors of sexual trauma. Aly’s work is inviting to queers and kinksters (such as myself) and poly couples/groups as much as it celebrates hot ‘vanilla’ sex. Aly’s warmth, enthusiasm, and endless curiosity is refreshing to ‘workshop warriors’ and eases the nerves of novice workshop participants.
— Diana, sex educator and queer health advocate
Aly’s coaching was just what I needed. I had an emotionally loaded situation to make decisions about, with a lot of pent-up feelings for everyone involved. Aly was super nonjudgmental and comfortable talking about things that I’m not yet comfortable about myself. She was kind and compassionate to a degree that I’m not used to with therapists. She also didn’t beat around the bush; she got up to speed quickly with my situation, figured out the issues and constraints, and then offered me a dozen different pieces of down-to-earth good advice about setting boundaries and keeping everyone safe. Aly is doing good work in the world, and I’m grateful she’s found her calling and is pursuing it so wholeheartedly. I wish someone like Aly had been there for me when I was a teenager. But, better late than never.
— Brian, coaching client
Alison Ash brings a lot of heart to her sex & intimacy coaching, but that’s not all. She also brings an incredibly compassionate focus and a whole lot of brain. Alison can look at the big picture, the contextual pieces that influence your sex life, and the ways in which societal messages affect things. She’s great at helping you navigate that so you can create the intimate relationships you really want. No matter what your experience, and no matter what your gender and sexual orientation are, Alison is supportive, understanding, and dedicated. If you want to bring brains, heart, and body into alignment so you can build an amazing relationship and sex life, get in touch with her.
— Charlie Glickman PhD, sex & relationship coach, www.makesexeasy.com
Aly is a passionate, skilled, fun and highly effective teacher and facilitator. Her workshops always give me truly important new skills and tools around sexuality, love and partnership that I have used over and over in relationships of all kinds. She has helped me gain a much deeper understanding of myself, including what I want in my relationships and what turns me on, as well as how to communicate better with my partners and ensure that both of our needs and desires are met. Aly has a huge heart and a deep well of passion for giving and changing the world through her work. I never hesitate to jump on any new workshop Aly develops because she has such unique knowledge and perspective to offer, and I continue to play with, explore and learn from everything she has given me.
— Tibet, workshop participant
Alison Ash’s workshops have changed the way I think about and engage in consent, communication and intimacy in an amazing way. I feel so much more able to identify and express my wants and my boundaries after just a few hours of really quality, interactive workshops with Aly. Seriously, my life is noticeably different in a really good way! Who doesn’t need a little more learning around sexual empowerment?
— Adalyn, workshop participant